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We ask that each prayer team partner (1) Be still for a few minutes, asking God to make His presence real. Pray in silent prayer over each individual prayer request. (2) Give devotion in supplication (also known as petitioning) is the most common form of prayer (3) Members are encouraged to pray that the individual over come the challenges he or she my be facing. (4) Pray that those challenges and / or adversities be replaced with total victory in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !

Complete your registration below ( it's FREE. ) You will be directed to our parent / community Web Site were you can Login, create your profile page and join with other registered Team  Prayer Partners. You can upload pictures, videos, music and share your URL with others in the community were we have much more in store. How about opening a home business over the internet? We have affiliate opportunities for your review.

Furthermore you will have access to GREAT PRAYER BOOKS online through Amazon.Com  at our Community Web Site.

Our Mission Statement Is To Keep Prayer Alive Around The World. Feel fee to submit your own personal prayer request. Refer other family, friends and associates in need of prayer.

Please join in our efforts ! Your support and commitment will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Future Prayer Partners
All members will have access to prayer request from those in need of prayer.
The information will include the individuals name and their prayer request only.